Lifting slings, Load securing, Materials handling equipment, Hoisting devices

Our dominant are custom-made slings, but also our wareshouses provide a high quality background to meet the immediate needs of our customers.

Customs services and statistical reporting INTRASTAT

Clearing non-EU imports, exports and transit. Processing of EU and non-EU imports and exports and statistical report INTRASTAT, liability in customs procedures, customs services – customs declaration, customs consultancy, representation at the customs office.

Transport and Logistics

We focus on complex services concerning movement and settlement of goods in foreign trade. We offer full service and support in services such as sea transport, international, special and container transport, freight forwarding, logistics, customs declaration, etc.

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Our mix of products and services is aimed at almost all construction companies, freight forwarders and transport companies, dealers, importers and exporters, manufacturers, but also small customers.

The slings are supplied and manufactured at no extra charge for non-standard products. Also, the quantity and variability of our stock provides enough space for express requirements.

Working tools are available in almost all brands.


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Materials handling equipment, Lifting slings | Customs services and Intrastat | Transport and Logistics

Materials handling equipment
Lifting slings
Hoisting devices

Our dominant are custom-made slings, but also our wareshouses provide a high quality background to meet the immediate needs of our customers.

Of course, we also provide a complete pre-sale and after sales service, including advice, legislation, operating tests, subsequent repairs and revisions of slings, etc., in accordance with mandatory standards and laws with a high emphasis on quality, safety and ecology in general.

Stock items

Our current inventory is based on many years of experience in combination with current customer requirements.

Customized production

We can make any specific product from technical fabrics and ribbons or other custom-made slings.

Development and innovation

We go our own way and find new ways and ways to meet customer needs.

Tests, defectoscopy, crack tests

We are able to carry out load tests and measurements of suspended loads up to 10 tons in weight. We also offer regular checks such as defectoscopy of slings.

Repairs and modifications of slings

We will repair or change your slings.


Our range of services is extended by rental of slings and other equipment.

Express delivery

By prior arrangement, we arrange express delivery to your desired location.

Professional consultants

Part of our business and manufacturing center are trained business consultants who are fully available to you.

Customs services

Customs services are a problem we have been dealing with for over 27 years. From experience we know so well what legislation means. endless administration, daily changing laws and regulations, language barriers, constant worries, time delays.

This is just a list of the main factors that can arise during negotiations with the authorities. Customs offices are no exception in this direction.

Air Cargo, import export by air

Air cargo, so the import or export by plane, has very short lead times in contrast to the sea transport.

Intrastat, EU Trading

Of course we also operate customs services including the statistical reporting of INTRASTAT, which we also like to process to customers from other regions.

Customs clearence, trading outside the EU

Customs services and customs declarations, our work is done with the use of all modern means and with territorial jurisdiction, independent of the seat.

Customs Mail for Foreign Trade

We offer custom declaration and clearance for foreign trade in postal services. We will arrange for you all necessary steps and your shipment will arrive without unnecessary delays and paperwork. We will ensure a smooth and prompt handling of all the necessary documents for customs clearance.

Customs consultancy and other services
  • Liability in customs procedure
  • Approved exporter
  • Certificate of origin
  • Excise duty records
  • TARIC integrated tariff
  • EORI identifier
  • Representation at customs office
Customs clearance is also provided in Hamburg, Germany

Most often, they are documents related to the import of goods by sea and subsequent transit from the T1, T2, T5 and A18 transshipments, or fiscal cleansing. However, we also handle exports and preferential documents EUR1, ATR or less usual Carnet TIR, Carnet ATA. For special cases and regimes, we will ensure the return of goods, veterinary documents, industrial licenses and certificates or customs warehousing.


We offer comprehensive services for moving and handling goods with high import and export orientation.

We offer full service and support in services such as

  • sea transport
  • international
  • special and container transportation
  • freight forwarding
  • logistics, customs declaration
Transport of small consignments CZ, SK

The transport of small consignments from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be solved in cooperation with contract partners.

Transport of consignments in the EU

We mainly work in countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, but we also ship your shipments in other sessions.

Sea transport

Our specialists not only deal with container transport, but also with the necessary documentation, handling and tracking.

Container tracking

We provide all the assistance for the clearance of containers. We manage all customs and logistics agenda for shipping and physical clearance of containers. We manipulate, load, and transport your 20-foot, 40-foot or 40-foot top containers.


We can customize our forwarding services as needed, meeting the diverse requirements of our customers. You can use our services to import or export goods. We have many years of experience and we have gained many contacts that we use for our forwarding services.


In connection with the import and export of goods, our company offers logistics services as various handling, mechanized and manual transhipment and short-term storage of goods, customs warehousing etc.

Parcel services

Need to send a small shipment or a big package? Do not you want to worry about which carrier is most suitable for the shipment? Rely on shipping company JK SPED, which provides a wide range of services, including parcel services.

We offer comprehensive services for moving and handling goods with high import and export orientation